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This section includes injectable treatments, laser and IPL treatments, skin therapy, and more.

Please note, currently under government regulations, you will need to have had two COVID19 vaccinations completed at least 10 days prior to attend for any cosmetic treatment.

Combination therapy; individualised program; release your true natural beauty … these are all key OGAM concepts and represent our unique approach to your makeover. But what do we mean by these concepts?

Individualised program

At OGAM, we like to commence our relationship with our clients with a skin analysis consultation. This involves an assessment of your skin to the naked eye, through the magnifying lamp, through the Woods lamp, and through dermatoscopic examination if required. We also do an assessment of your skin type according to the Fitzpatricks scale. We assess your medical history and we note any medications/ allergies / previous skin conditions or treatments, and current skincare regime. This leads us to the development of your individualized program. This is a program that we have designed specifically for your needs.

Release your true natural beauty

What we mean by this is that our aim is to work with your facial shape and skin-type to maximize your natural beauty. We do not want people to say to you – “what have you had done” – rather we want people to say to you that “you look well” or “your skin looks great” because they see the rejuvenated natural you and not an excessive use of dermal filler volumisation or an expressionless face. We believe this is a successful treatment outcome and this is what our clients ask for.

Combination therapy

We strongly believe in a combination therapy concept here at OGAM. The benefits you can achieve through a combination of treatments is far greater than any one treatment on it’s own. We commonly combine a microdermabrasion with a peel and an IPL photorejuvenation treatment. Or we may combine a muscle relaxing anti wrinkle injection with a dermal filler injection. With the wrinkles relaxed and the folds filled, focusing on the surface skin with needling therapy / plasma therapy / or resurfacing laser therapy are all possible further steps. Lifting lax skin with thread lifting may be required in those aged 45 years +. The Cutera 3D make-over involves treating skin sun damage, treating skin vascularity, and tightening the skin, utilising IPL / laser / and infrared treatments. Whatever we combine is specific to that client’s needs and what we have prescribed for them in their individualized program.