Dear patients,

The following procedures apply to OGAM’s consultations from Monday 6th of April 2020:

ALL consultations will initially be in a Telehealth format. Please book as normal via or by phoning 03 98265107. Any resulting paperwork such as prescriptions, certificates, referrals etc will be emailed to the patient or the pharmacist.

Face to face consultations remain available only if it is deemed necessary and appropriate following an initial Telehealth consultation.

Childhood vaccinations and flu vaccinations may be booked as normal. 2020 flu vaccinations are now available and are highly recommended to minimise the potential overload on Australia’s medical services.

Psychology video consultations are available and may be booked by calling the clinic on 03 98265107.

Cosmetic Medicine and Dermal Therapy services are on hold and will resume as soon as it is safe to do so. Please book a Telehealth consultation if you have any queries relating to Cosmetic Medicine or Dermal Therapy services including future treatment planning.

Thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support which is most appreciated,

The OGAM team