What do you do if you’re not feeling well and OGAM is closed?

If it’s not an emergency, you can call our after hours home visits service by ‘Doctor Doctor’ on 13 26 60. A doctor will be arranged to attend to you at home, and the visit will be bulk billed.

OGAM does not benefit from this arrangement financially. We have chosen ‘Doctor Doctor’ as our preferred provider and they will call us if they need to liaise with us. They provide us with a written report detailing the after hours care given so as we have continuity of care. The best medical care results from a coordinated and collaborative relationship built on trust between the after hours doctor, the GP and the patient.

The after hours service operates every day of the year from 6pm until 8am weekdays, on weekends from 12 noon Saturday through to 8am on Monday, and all day on public holidays.

In an emergency, please call 000 for ambulance / paramedic care.